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In order to provide you with the best quality of service and refurbishment, Alliance Analytical Inc. utilizes a wide network of service professionals. Each service provider has years of experience working with a specific line of equipment. This gives our customers the support they need to get their work done. In addition to our Alliance Service Partners, we have a knowledgeable in-house service team to help you with your instrumentation service needs. Your instrument deserves the best possible engineers working on it. Our expert engineers refurbish your instrument up to manufacturer’s specifications and sometimes even beyond.


Our network of service technicians can provide equipment installation. After your instrumentation is delivered to your facility our service partners can install the equipment and help you get the instrument working. A proper installation can be one of the most important elements of buying scientific equipment. Our network of service engineers provides you with high-quality installation at an affordable price.


Since we take pride in the quality of our refurbished equipment, we offer 120 days parts and labor warranty on many of the instruments that we sell. This provides you with the security you need while still allowing you to save money by buying used.

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